About Studio Limbo

We have a passion to capture almost everything with the purest emotion. We don’t just film your wedding, your music video, your product promotion, even your baby. But we tell a real story about your passion through conveying the emotions. By showing your world, your love, and your imagination in a unique and very customised way. Our strongest asset as visual composer is that we always aim for the perfect synergy between what we film, what has been shown and highlighted. We are not only capturing, WE ARE STUDIO LIMBO.

我们带着热情去拍摄每一个项目,不止于婚礼,音乐视频,产品宣传,或者你的baby。每一次拍摄,我们都尽力用最 完美的画面去传达最真实的情感。用我们完全定制化的画面去表现你的爱,你的想象力。作为视觉工作室,我们每一次的拍摄的目标是引起共鸣,或留给你最臻至的回忆。我们是 Studio Limbo。

Our Work